Hard Drive Failure and Data/Photo Recovery

Don’t Panic

We know that sinking feeling: has all of your information disappeared? Have all your important data and photos been erased?

Take a deep breath and relax. DFW ComputerFix has extensive expertise in data recovery and hard drive repair.

I have successfully recovered accidentally deleted Photos from camera cards and computers. Recovered deleted disk partitions and corrected many drives with errors that made them unbootable.

Need help? 214-357-6911

I accept data recovery cases from anywhere, and can help remotely if you’re not in the DFW area.

Picture Rescue

There are few things more crushing than accidentally deleting your pictures, whether they are from your children’s youth, your bad 80’s hair days, a cherished family vacation or holiday, or even the college photos you don’t dare share. I have helped recover accidentally deleted photos for numerous clients. If you’re in need of a picture rescue, please don’t hesitate to call me.

If a picture is worth 1000 words, what are 1000 pictures worth?

Picture Rescue Testimonials

In August my laptop was acting up and a friend gave me Jim's name. He worked with me remotely and was able to get me going again. Then in early October 2015 I deleted all my photos! I'm still not certain how I managed to do that! I did not hesitate to call Jim. I took my computer over to him and in several days, he had retrieved almost all of them!! I shouldn't say it was one of the happiest days of my life---but it was!!! I do not hesitate recommending Jim's expertise. (He's a nice fella, too!!!)

Barbara Boeder August 9, 2016

Jim is THE WIZARD at solving problems for me! 🙂  He was able to recover vacation photos  I had inadvertently "lost"...thinking I had downloaded the pictures from my camera to the computer, I deleted the pictures from my disk.  Oh, oh...no pictures could be found anywhere on my computer!!  After much detective work, Jim was able to recover all of the pictures, and all our vacation memories were safe!  Thank you, Jim! 🙂  Also, Jim is very timely in being available to help.

Nancy T. August 9, 2016

Warnings of Hard Drive Failure

If you hear these sounds coming from your computer (they are most likely not fan noise!) your hard drive may be in trouble.

  1. Clicking, tapping or bird chirping sound.
  2. Slow then high pitched whine or a “toy ray-gun” sound.
  3. “Video game” beeping sounds.
  4. Metal on metal scraping.
  5. Shut it down and call me! 214-357-6911
If you have experienced hard drive failure or are in need of data recovery, call DFW ComputerFix and let us take a look. There is a nominal travel charge for visiting your home or office, and our data recovery service is offered at a flat rate of $350 for hard disks with logical data errors (that’s computer speak for drives that can be repaired due to technical issues). If you’d like to bring your hard drive to our office, we are conveniently located near Arapaho and Central Expressway in Richardson/North Dallas.

Hard Drive Failure Is Common

I know it seems like it won’t happen to you, but hard drive failure is very common. Here are some failed drives on my bench wiped and ready to disassemble prior to being recycled.

Drives Being Tested or Cloned

After running diagnostics tests remotely or onsite I have been able to clone countless drives for my clients before they underwent complete failure.

Data Recovery Testimonials

We always call DFW ComputerFix when it comes to data recovery issues. My main desktop computer crashed and Jim was able to recover everything. The data recovered was priceless. It was information that would have been lost forever without his help. Jim also helped us to set-up emergency backup systems as a preventive measure for the future. We always appreciate his integrity, knowledge of valuable resources and timeliness. Customer service at its best!

Mindy Dague-Lowery August 8, 2016

The laptop hard drive of our traveling international geophysicist, containing several gigabytes of irreplaceable technical data, crashed without availability of a backup. Jim coordinated recovery efforts after canvassing and screening prospective third party expertise across the country. Not a single byte of data was lost!

August 8, 2016

My computer died unexpected and our company IT person told me my data files were gone. I didn't believed that my hard drive was damaged, so I decided to try someone else. I called Jim at DFW ComputerFix. He listened to the history of my old computer and through some great detective work was able to find all my files. While my files were transferring to my new computer, he helped me get everything set-up. If you have a computer challenge called Jim, if he doesn't know the answer he will find it for you. My only regret was not calling him sooner.

S.D. August 9, 2016

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DriveSavers Data Recovery Partner

For situations requiring deeper troubleshooting and recovery methods, I am a Certified Partner with DriveSavers Data Recovery in Novato, California .

  • They have a “No data, no charge” policy
  • Free evaluation and inbound shipping
  • They are SOC 2 Type II security audited
  • A world class team of computer scientists, mechanical and electrical engineers, true data recovery experts

DriveSavers has the seal of approval from a number of different independent review organizations, including SOC 2 Type II audit status, so our customers can be sure they’re getting the best data recovery service possible. 

Need help? Call Jim at 214-357-6911