Technical Support for Churches and Non-Profits

Rewarding Work

It’s an honor to help meet the needs and concerns of non-profits who are trying their best to be superior stewards of their financial resources while taking care of their facilities and serving their members. I do not require expensive yearly service contracts. Call me only as needed.

  • Replace outdated file servers and desktops
  • Maintain existing computers
  • Setup onsite and offsite backup plans
  • Fix multiple network issues and poor Internet service
  • Find Non-profit pricing on Microsoft and other software

Non-Profit & Church Testimonials

I’m very proud to have ongoing relationships with several churches and other non-profit organizations.

Honest.  Knowledgeable.  Helpful.  Trustworthy.  Available.  Having been frustrated with network and server problems and subsequent 'fixes', Jim S. came to the rescue.   Jim has been exceptional in customer service and tenacious in finding solutions to challenging hardware and software problems. Jim S. of DFW ComputerFix views challenges and solutions through a big-picture lens.  For Jim S., this entails conversation, assessment, and personalized customer service.  Speaking as someone who knows little about computers/servers but knows success is determined by the support of a competent and engaged team, I've chosen Jim S, of  DFW ComputerFix to be on my team!

Pam Swendig Executive Director, Good Samaritans of Garland August 8, 2016

Jim has been our IT guy for over four years now.  Our computers and network were in quite a tangle. Constant problems of every nature.  Jim met with us, assessed our needs and problems and presented us with a plan.  He is very good at determining what the individual business and personal needs are.  It took a few weeks to work through all our considerable issues. He was able to address everything that came up.  Excellent, prompt, customer service and follow up.  Patient in fixing the problem and instructing our staff to avoid future problems.  Our staff in very diverse when it comes to understanding technology, Jim has been able to communicate with us all.  I have been here 14 years and we have never ran smoother since having DFW computers handle our IT need.

Marci Potts Business Administrator, Lake Highlands United Methodist Church August 8, 2016

Northaven UMC has relied on Jim Salih for many years to assist with our computer installations, upgrades, and purchases of software and hardware. He is reliable and very fair. We know we can count on Jim anytime we have an emergency. We would highly recommend Jim to anyone needing help with their computer and are looking for someone who is knowledgeable and trustworthy.

Mindy Dague-Lowery Office Administrator, Northaven United Methodist Church August 8, 2016

From general IT services to occasional network and computer repairs, DFW ComputerFix is here for you.

At DFW ComputerFix, we specialize in personalized service for all our clients—and especially for churches and non-profits. You provide invaluable help to our communities in Dallas and Fort Worth, and we are proud to keep your operations running by providing computer services tailored to your needs.

We provide comprehensive technical support for churches and non-profits in DFW, from occasional IT service to computer repair, hard drive recovery and more computer tech support services. We are conveniently located at Arapaho and Central Expressway in North Dallas and can come to your church or non-profit office for a nominal travel charge. We charge only in 15-minute increments and will work quickly so you can continue your good work in our community.

Need help? Call Jim at 214-357-6911