Client Testimonials

Dear Jim, Thank you so much for the many times you have helped me with my computer issues.  My system is running beautifully thanks to you!  I am amazed that you have had a “fix” for every situation.  I will recommend you to everyone I know!

Martha Harper

I had a hard drive crash last week & was looking for someone in the dfw area that does data recovery. I found Jim on yelp, I called & he basically walked me through steps I could do to try to fix it myself. He was very friendly & knowledgeable & even called me back for a follow up. I have a mac & he is more PC based but he has a company he works with that also does data recovery that ill probably send my drive too. I got 5 star customer service which is rare these days. I would definitely recommend him to any of my friends, family or clients.

James B. Sunnyvale, TX

Jim at DFW Computer Fix is amazing.  He is very knowledgeable and is always fair and competitive in his pricing.  We have used him in our office for many years and continue to rely on him for all of our computer needs from updating to figuring out  what we need to add on...he does it all!  He is always available when we need him and works in emergency issues quickly.  He is just a phone call away!

D. W. Coppell, TX

I have a company with over 40 computers. I don't need to keep up with how to fix the latest computer technology with DFW ComputerFix around. Jim is one of our secret weapons in keeping our computers running smoothly.

Steve V.

Dear Jim, Thanks again for the over-the-phone repair of my computer. You left the other two guys I tried in the dust, in every category: speed, accuracy and price. I'll certainly spread the word about your business, and happy to do so.

M. Pybas

Beyond solving my immediate and urgent computer maintenance needs, Jim sees things in my computers and anticipates and resolves future issues I can't see coming. He's got savvy and street smarts critical to resolving computer problems that save me down time and money.  I've referred Jim with absolute confidence to many others and Jim straightforwardly gets it done. For his great work and trustworthiness, Jim at DFW Computer Fix uniquely is a delight to have as a valued strategic partner.

James Tucker, Sticks Consulting

We always call DFW ComputerFix when it comes to data recovery issues. My main desktop computer crashed and Jim was able to recover everything. The data recovered was priceless. It was information that would have been lost forever without his help. Jim also helped us to set-up emergency backup systems as a preventive measure for the future. We always appreciate his integrity, knowledge of valuable resources and timeliness. Customer service at its best!

Mindy Dague-Lowery

Jim has helped me in my personal and small biz needs saving me an incredible amount of time and money with thorough fixes on seemingly hopeless challenges. I have referred Jim at DFW ComputerFix numerous times and each small business has been delighted when they've retained him.  He anticipates needs, gives great options with brilliant recommendations reducing immediate and future downtime.

J. T. Plano, TX

Several years ago I moved my DFW-based IT consulting business to West Texas. Ever since, whenever I need to provide on-site service to one of my Dallas clients I send Jim. His integrity, trustworthiness, and outstanding technical abilities are why I entrust my clients to him.

T.W. Dallas, TX

Dear Jim, I cannot thank you enough for taking care of all of my computer and technology needs when I opened my law firm. I loved that you were available to provide advice on every aspect of my technology needs. The coaching on my choice of laptop, scanner, printer and software was invaluable. I knew I was in good hands when you came to my office for the first time with a router. You showed me how everyone in the building could access my computer on the office network without a router. You were able to protect me from problems that I did not even realize that I needed protection from. Additionally, I want to thank you for your more than reasonable rates. I appreciate that you did not “nickel and dime” me to death. You have earned a customer for life, and I will always recommend you to anyone who asks for computer or technology help.


Sterling Projects, Ltd, commercial real estate industry, and sister company Pitkin Petroleum, Ltd, oil and gas exploration, have worked with DFW Computer Fix and Mr. Jim Salih regarding computer hardware and software needs for approximately one year. We are particularly impressed with Jim’s broad awareness and working knowledge of available hardware and software options. In the matter of a very few work hours, Jim has rebuilt our network server, installed network back up and imaging security and installed much more efficient anti-virus and spy ware software than we were previously using. The laptop hard drive of our traveling international geophysicist, containing several gigabytes of irreplaceable technical data, crashed without availability of a backup. Jim coordinated recovery efforts after canvassing and screening prospective third party expertise across the country. Not a single byte of data was lost! We are pleased and privileged to have Jim and DFW ComputerFix as a partner and invite any questions you may have.

Sterling Projects, Ltd and Pitkin Petroleum, Ltd

Honest.  Knowledgeable.  Helpful.  Trustworthy.  Available.  Having been frustrated with network and server problems and subsequent 'fixes', Jim S. came to the rescue. Jim has been exceptional in customer service and tenacious in finding solutions to challenging hardware and software problems. Jim S. of DFW ComputerFix views challenges and solutions through a big-picture lens. For Jim S., this entails conversation, assessment, and personalized customer service.  Speaking as someone who knows little about computers/servers but knows success is determined by the support of a competent and engaged team, I've chosen Jim S, of DFW ComputerFix to be on my team!

Pam S.

Jim has been our IT guy for over four years now.  Our computers and network were in quite a tangle. Constant problems of every nature.  Jim met with us, assessed our needs and problems and presented us with a plan.  He is very good at determining what the individual business and personal needs are.  It took a few weeks to work through all our considerable issues. He was able to address everything that came up.  Excellent, prompt, customer service and follow up.  Patient in fixing the problem and instructing our staff to avoid future problems.  Our staff in very diverse when it comes to understanding technology, Jim has been able to communicate with us all.  I have been here 14 years and we have never ran smoother since having DFW computers handle our IT need.

Marci P

Jim Salih has handled all of my IT needs for my law practice for over 12 years, and he has always been responsive, reliable, capable and reasonable. He has assisted me in entire system moves, to hard drive and other equipment replacements, to spam and virus protection. For one particularly specialized challenge, Jim brought in an expert colleague, whose work was fast, affordable and effective. Jim is my IT department, meaning, he stays on top of my periodic update requirements, and anticipates all of my other IT needs. He lets me focus on my law practice, which is demanding enough. Jim's effectiveness as an IT professional cannot be separated from his personal qualities: Jim is an excellent communicator, which includes listening; he is honest, respectful and prompt. I sincerely believe he routinely puts others' interests ahead of his own, in the interest of providing the best service possible and simply being an uncommonly helpful and constructive person.

Rick O.

My computer died unexpected and our company IT person told me my data files were gone. I didn't believed that my hard drive was damaged, so I decided to try someone else. I called Jim at DFW ComputerFix. He listened to the history of my old computer and through some great detective work was able to find all my files. While my files were transferring to my new computer, he helped me get everything set-up.He removed unneeded software, installed a nifty app to make Windows easier to use and even helped me configure my printer/scanner. All of this was accomplished quickly and remotely. While talking to Jim, I explained a problem we were having with QuickBooks. Jim did a little research and come back with an answer that made a lot of sense. If you have a computer challenge called Jim, if he doesn't know the answer he will find it for you. My only regret was not calling him sooner.