Remote Computer Support Service

Get technical support online or on the phone!

While we do offer on-site technical support, many computer issues can be quickly diagnosed and fixed remotely.


It is not always necessary for me to visit your place of business. Besides being a means of follow-up service for my existing clients, I actually have clients who I have never visited their place of business and yet have solved some serious problems.

Remote support is an efficient way to meet your support needs with minimal delay and provide a quick resolution to technical problems. Remote/online support is also a great option for businesses and individuals located outside of the DFW area.

Need help? Call Jim at 214-357-6911


One Time Access

During remote support, we establish a one time session that lets you control my ability to connect to your computer. I have no ongoing access. Remember, only accept support from individuals and organizations you know.

Download TeamViewer QuickSupport

To connect to your computer remotely, I use TeamViewer QuickSupport. You need a working internet connection for me to provide remote tech support online for your computer. If you would like to download the program ahead of time, you can do so here.

Phone Support Testimonials

Dear Jim, Thanks again for the over-the-phone repair of my computer. You left the other two guys I tried in the dust, in every category: speed, accuracy and price. I'll certainly spread the word about your business, and happy to do so.

M. Pybas August 8, 2016

I had a hard drive crash last week & was looking for someone in the dfw area that does data recovery. I found Jim on yelp, I called & he basically walked me through steps I could do to try to fix it myself. He was very friendly & knowledgeable & even called me back for a follow up. I have a mac & he is more PC based but he has a company he works with that also does data recovery that ill probably send my drive too. I got 5 star customer service which is rare these days. I would definitely recommend him to any of my friends, family or clients.

James B. Sunnyvale, TX August 8, 2016

Need help? Call Jim at 214-357-6911