August 10, 2016

My computer died unexpected and our company IT person told me my data files were gone. I didn’t believed that my hard drive was damaged, so I decided to try someone else. I called Jim at DFW ComputerFix. He listened to the history of my old computer and through some great detective work was able to find all my files. While my files were transferring to my new computer, he helped me get everything set-up.He removed unneeded software, installed a nifty app to make Windows easier to use and even helped me configure my printer/scanner. All of this was accomplished quickly and remotely. While talking to Jim, I explained a problem we were having with QuickBooks. Jim did a little research and come back with an answer that made a lot of sense. If you have a computer challenge called Jim, if he doesn’t know the answer he will find it for you. My only regret was not calling him sooner.