August 8, 2016

Sterling Projects, Ltd, commercial real estate industry, and sister company Pitkin Petroleum, Ltd, oil and gas exploration, have worked with DFW Computer Fix and Mr. Jim Salih regarding computer hardware and software needs for approximately one year. We are particularly impressed with Jim’s broad awareness and working knowledge of available hardware and software options. In the matter of a very few work hours, Jim has rebuilt our network server, installed network back up and imaging security and installed much more efficient anti-virus and spy ware software than we were previously using. The laptop hard drive of our traveling international geophysicist, containing several gigabytes of irreplaceable technical data, crashed without availability of a backup. Jim coordinated recovery efforts after canvassing and screening prospective third party expertise across the country. Not a single byte of data was lost! We are pleased and privileged to have Jim and DFW ComputerFix as a partner and invite any questions you may have.